Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Promethea Moths, Milkweed, Manistee River Trail...It's All Happening

Summer abundance is here and we are in a state of full on wonder! Happy Summer Solstice everyone.

Remember our Promethea Moth cocoons? Well, they emerged on 6/19. Wow, oh wow. I am so grateful I was home to witness and to document for Steve.

Here's a video showcasing these newly emerged promethea moths.

Rather unbelievably, when Steve arrived home, one pair was already mating and another male flew in to this area, circled a few times and found the other female spot on. Those pheromones are a potent brew! The male moth flew from the woods a thousand or more feet away.

Our Common Milkweed patch is THE place to be right now.

Butterflyweed is super happy this year, thanks to Steve making some space for sunshine to reach them well.

Nursery plants are dealing with the odd weather for us this year and many are growing fabulously...

Our vegetable garden now really looks like a permaculture garden, finally! It's been an odyssey of mistakes and redos, but we are getting there. Plants are growing inches a day with the heat...

Our windy nature paths lead us amongst all sorts of life and beauty...

We also use our time to get out and explore, of course. Once a week we head to Mohican State Park/State Forest (map) to hike 10-15 miles, plus tuck in backpacking adventures here and there. Here's a quick weekend backpacking trip to the Manistee River:

Please tell us about your summer; we would love to know what you are up to.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Spectacular Spring: Flowers, Food, Herps & Chickens

We received 1.5 inches of rain after none for over a month and now the sun is out and the weather is fabulous. Life is good! We spend less time on the computer at this time of year, but there is so much we want to share. The beauty of spring and the productivity we find is intoxicating.

Wild Hyacinth in bloom. Oooooo, we love this plant and so do the bees!

Homemade rhubarb pies with our own rhubarb straight from the garden made us sit down, savor and listen to all the spring song. (Thanks to Emily Eby for the happiest rhubarb plants EVER.)

Spinach, peas (almost), cilantro, chard, and asparagus are all feeding us daily. What a gift to walk to our little vegetable garden and harvest nutrient dense, chemical free food and to recognize the true miracle of seeds.

Aster and Fern love to hang right outside our library/dining room door waiting for treats and they are so excited for....

their brand new aviary build mostly by Steve the superstar. You all know we nurture some serious wanderlust and this little gem will help facilitate more time getting out into the world.

Steve, again - THE superstar - dug a 12" trench around the whole shebang and buried the fence. This aviary is so safe and we are thrilled.

The girls love to free range, but will love their new protection when we are gone too.


Ivy, Eby, Aster:


Steve is the snake man this spring, finding them everywhere and we completely lucked out when he found this mating ball of Garter Snakes. They no doubt overwintered in this rotting log and we found ourselves captivated by this whole process.

Our new vernal pool filled back up with this rain after two fill-ups with our well (that's how dry we are in north-central Ohio in May). This new rain prompted more amphibians to move and we are so excited to show you...

we have our first Gray Treefrog (most likely) or Spring Peeper eggs in this pool. YES! It worked friends! Refrog America! That's where it's at in our hearts right now. Deep, profound gratitude for this planet finds us daily. You?