Sunday, January 15, 2017

Front Porch Yellow Jacket Nest - Let's Pretend it's Summer!

Because it's gray and cold and January here in Ohio, we are dreaming a bit of summer (while also working to remain present in the moment!) and want to share a cool home that was made on our front porch this summer.

If you take a look at this felt bird house, you see the entrance looks a bit odd...

In fact, it's covered in paper made by a Yellow Jacket colony. They lived here all summer long and enchanted us with their paper making and social life. Since we never bothered them, they never bothered us. Win, win!

I made a quick video on this warm fall day in October. How I love seeing that warmth....I can almost feel it. (For better quality, check out the You Tube video here.)


Friday, January 6, 2017

Recycled Glass Suncatchers

I made time this winter to make recycled glass suncatchers from the glass trash dump we cleaned up on our property.

I love the history these suncatchers tell and their beautiful colors. The blue glass is an old Vicks VapoRub jar! I used a Thumbler's Tumbler to tumble the glass and a drill press with a diamond tipped hollow core bit to drill the glass in much the same way I drill rocks.

I collected grapevine from our property and cut them with pruners, drilled them with a larger drill press in Steve's shop, then strung the glass with natural hemp.

I used glass pieces, honey locust seeds, mescal bean seeds and rocks to tie off the hangers. There are so many possibilities for this creative project - I'm excited to make more in 2017!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Happy Everything!

Happy Solstice...Merry Christmas...Happy New Year & Merry Everything else to you all! From all of us here at The Common Milkweed (we added five new residents you get to meet below), we wish you great health, much contentment and many adventures in this next year. We are most grateful for your support & your friendship.

Meet Aster, Fern, Sassafras, Ivy & Eby:

Even in the short daylength season we are getting eggs and we are so excited to have our chicken coop full of life again. These girls were destined for the stew pot so you know how happy we are they made it here first.

Happy Holidays friends! We want to see you in 2017....if you are near let us know and we will meet up for nature exploration and good laughs. :)