Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall hiking at Mount Gilead State Park

Wow, this great place is only 5 miles from our house!:

Blazing fall colors...

...babbling streams...

Towering forest of Oak-Hickory and Beech-Maple.

Infinite beauty...


...all of these things make nature nuts very happy:

But, wait, there's more...on this fallen tree we found...

...this little guy: a gray tree frog:

This network of roots stabilizes, supports and feeds a huge tree...and our souls!

Some incredible fungi...

Jennifer performs the "Big Tree" cheer!

Tulip Tree - one of our favorites. They grow straight and tall, get really big and have the coolest of flowers (being in the Magnolia family):

Something about being under the canopy of a Midwestern hardwood forest...words can't quite explain...you just gotta experience it:


  1. Hi J&S...Nothing like a fall hike...cool crisp days!!
    Thanks for sharing your hike liked seeing the fungi, trees, sream , and the cute little frog .. : ]
    Oh yes.. that couple.. not a bad find in the woods either ; }


  2. All my favorite things:fungi, frogs, and nature nuts!

  3. Love this park. We've been here before. Also love the frog and fungai. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wonderful photos! I just love fall!


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