Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Winter on the Farm, Plus a fun interview with Us!

Winter is in and out here in Ohio and we are enjoying, but are also looking forward to spring so we work daily to appreciate the present. The colors of this recovering land are more subtle this time of year, but still present and so appreciated by us summer souls.

This snag in our fence row must surely offer homes to native bees - the bees we are really working to encourage on our land.( Here's an interesting read on honeybees and their relationship to nature, which might surprise you.)

One thing I just love about winter is that it forces us to notice the little and subtle and yet, the still infinitely important.

Winter and early spring also allows us to observe water movement, which has us dreaming of more places to create vernal pools. Yes, yes, yes! Water is such a tremendous gift and we really want to retain as much as possible on our property and not allow it all to drain away. Plus, I seriously need more frogs in my life.

Little chickens took lots of time mid-winter as we helped with injury from cold, but we are happy to say Miss Fern is back with her chicken girls and doing well recovering from a frostbitten prolapse. (If you need help with this, message us. We facilitated her healing when the vet thought she was a goner!)

Every day with sunshine calls us outdoors and frequently to our favorite Mohican State Park/Forest where we climb hills, spend time amongst old trees and this past week - witnessed 10+ Bald Eagles soaring over the Clear Fork, enjoying the day just like us, I expect.

Water and forested hills, you work some genuine magic in the spirit.

We soon head back to AZ for more hiking on the Arizona Trail - this time slower so we can absorb those wild places the way our bodies, minds and spirits tell us to so we will write again in the spring.

Until then, in case you miss us, here is our interview with Misti of The Garden Path Podcast. She is a blogger living in Texas that we are so excited to get to know. You can read her blog here.

We hope you all are well and warm and inspired...