Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Gifts of Life

This spring has been an odd one and a challenging one in so very many ways, but those ways don't need more reflection or was enough to live them, to mourn them, to cry because of them, to love them. Let's all acknowledge what's good in our lives and what moves us forward in joy.

One of those for us is the generosity of friends. A conference long ago crossed our paths with Stanley Stine's and he surprisingly gifted us 20 native Willow (Salix sp.) cuttings to increase the biodiversity of this piece of land. Willows are spectacular plants in themselves and offer so much to wildlife in so many different ways; definitely one of the "superfoods in the garden". You can see the happiness in Steve's face as we planted these marvels; plants just have this magic about them.

The endurance feat of bird migration was a true gift for our spirits this spring. The warblers were all around us, on the day pictured, feeding quickly and efficiently on any and all available foods. The temperatures were so chilly, but their persistence and resiliency made us smile and offered a good kick in the pants.

The fine greenery of Mother Earth is returning and we spend as much time as possible immersing ourselves in the gifts of the sun, warmth, and insects. We love that our humble abode is starting to appear part of the land around us. 

The American Persimmons are leafing out and we are grateful for their slowness and their protection from these back and forth springs; they fit as our spirit tree in more ways than one and we didn't even know. It's like they found us...

The Small Carpenter Bees inspire our hearts and minds too; they are here and thriving. Watch the relationship of Goldenrod pith and nesting bees we just saw here on this little patch of Earth.

Our land restoration is well on her own way. Now, we just get to watch the magic unfold and that means less hands on management is needed. For those of you that have followed us for a long time, you know that means it is time to get back to hiking in a BIG WAY. We swapped out all our old campers and 220,000+ mile cars for this new to us stripped down truck that allows us to go back to the beginning.



My, how time flies. My, my, my. Best get on with living! ;)

This song is it, right here, right now. I think Tift Merritt tapped into the spirit of the planet with this one. Music for both of us is the best piece of humanity and this song might very well be my life song. I have many chapter songs, but this one, LIFE. I'm sure many of you know it. Turn it on, look out the window, go sit on the Earth, close your eyes, whatever you can do, wherever you are, to hear this. Do you feel the same?

We love you all. Thank you for following along with us and sharing with us.