Friday, March 23, 2018

Our Return to the Arizona Trail 2018

Hello long lost followers! I'm sorry for the delay in writing, but we are back in Ohio and awaiting full-on spring so you know I will write again soon about what's happening on these magical 3.5 acres.

Our trip along the AZT was fabulous in so many ways and challenging in so many others. We LOVED it. The paragraph beginning with "Every time" sums up our feelings and so I will just share those beautiful words written by Peter Kahn Jr. The pictures are just a snap shot of our time on trail, but I think you will see the splendor of the natural world and what it does to two people deeply immersing themselves.

Data so far (last year and this year): 260.7 miles; Total Ascent: 39,938'; Total Descent: 43,727'

Steve's birthday trail magic thanks to very dear friends who helped us this entire trip (Deborah and Bill that's YOU!)...

Pusch Ridge Wilderness: one of our most favorite sections.

Living out of an Expedition for our final few days in AZ. No problem...

East side of Saguaro Ntl. Park

On our way to Summerhaven

Steve's 51st Birthday 

Wilderness of Rocks

Leaving Oracle

Heading to Gila River