Monday, June 10, 2019

2019 Native Plant Spring Flash Sale

Hello friends,

We are so excited to let you know we have quite a few quarts and gallon size plants ready for your yard right now. These are plants we grew from seed last year and up-potted this spring and WOW! The plants filled out their containers in just a few short weeks and now they are ready to work their magic on your land and get to business providing food, shelter and beauty.

You can find the plants currently ready listed here. We will have other species available late summer as usual (including milkweed) and will send an alert on those late July-early August. Please note the plants we have are available in limited quanties and will go fast!

Plugs $4 ea plus tax. (Thimbleweed only)
Quarts $8 ea plus tax. (most species)
Gallons $10 ea plus tax. (a few species)


If you see something you want, email me ( as soon as you can and we will fill plant orders in the order we receive them. Once your order is placed and filled, we will set up an appointment time for pickup at our enchanted 3.5 acres in Morrow County, OH.

Pick up dates: June 17-June 26 by appointment.

If you want a personal tour to see what is happening here, we offer tours for $15/person for 30-45 minutes. Just let us know and we will make sure to schedule that as well. You are welcome to walk around here on your own when picking up your order FREE of charge.

We wish you many plant wonders. Thank you for supporting us and more broadly and importantly: this big, beautiful planet we all share, love and steward.

Jennifer & Steve

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Can this World Be Anymore BEAUTIFUL?

Wonder, wonder everywhere. Truly. Look around. Find it. It's here. EVERYWHERE. Live in it and see how it changes your life. Magic. Miracle. Whatever you call it, I promise wonder will fill your heart with gratitude. Sometimes life is better felt than parceled into words and descriptions so I share this post with pictures. Don't think too much. Just feel. Much love to you all.