Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Winter Fireflies, Sunshine and Life on the Farm

And just like that, it's spring. The birds we so recently watched soaring south are soaring north. The maple sap is running or finishing up. Frogs and salamanders moved to the vernal pools in the first warm rains and I hear the frog songs as I type. Winter Fireflies are basking on the warmed south side of trees and we are savoring every last delicious minute of the season of rebirth.

Ellychnia corrusca are pretty fascinating fireflies. You must read about them; they will make your life richer if you know them and it sure makes for a fun end of winter scavenger hunt. So far we've seen them on 10 species of trees at Mohican State Park/Forest: black oak, white oak, pignut hickory, sugar maple, black cherry, red elm, red oak, American beech, tulip tree, Pinus sp.

The raccoons and deer are moving about, I assume, grateful for the retreat of the deep snow that blanketed the Earth for quite some time this winter. We loved watching the fluffy white stuff fall and we loved watching it melt and smell the thawing earth. 

A Gray Catbird spent the winter here up until the day before the last big snow storm when the food ran out. Poor timing isn't it? You know what that means....yep, planting more, more, more!

I'm spending time putting thoughts on paper and then the computer and Steve made me a repurposed table to handle my chaos. I love it. Garage sale legs and an old bulb crate we used for winter produce came together just right. There is so much stuff already in existence, isn't there? A little creativity is all that's needed...

Our little Oreo (aka Wuk) helps me on occasion...

and celebrated with me on my first deer shed. 

Steve and I handled cat chaos with cat gates and now we can breathe again and the oppressed cat (Minnie Pearl) eats and drinks without fear. Can you hear the long exhale? It's been rouuuuggghhhhhh.

Bird houses didn't work well here so we finally threw the towel in and that's also a great, great relief. (Sometimes, we just have to quit fighting a path that isn't changing or improving.) We will continue, as always, to promote snags and natural tree holes.

Woodland sedges are reunited with our little woodland and it made us so happy to have our hands back in the soil, to enrich a beat up fence row and to accept the generosity of these plants to grow.

Thanks to some coordination with a neighbor of ours, the road trash is picked up on our stretch for the time being. This is what Steve and I picked in a couple of hours! Hmmm. 

The dove covey makes us smile every single time. Flighty birds, they are and we get it. They've spent a large portion of this winter here and we are going to miss them when we stop feeding the birds this spring, but we need the birds to disperse for their own health. We also feel conflicted about the bird seed bags (see above). What do you all do with them?

Richard Louv put into words what we feel when we are in the magic of the planet. That's who we are. The rest of it, who knows what that is. That's not our essence and what a gift to know it.


MILCK - Quiet

Joseph - White Flag

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Bring it 2021!

Happy New Year Dear Friends,

We made it. WE MADE IT. Whew. Doesn't it just feel marvelous? Like a long, long, long exhale. Yes, we have a long ways to go and much to overcome, but we are doing it - right now. We are strong. We are resilient. We suffer loss and we honor those we lose. We uplift those who need us and we remain steadfast in our devotion to goodness. If we aren't offering our own light to the world, what are we doing? 

We celebrated the return of the light with our own lights, not as brilliant as the sun, but hope-filled on long dark nights.

We sit in the sun every precious moment those luscious rays fall on our patch of Earth and in this moment, we salute you...

We made soap for the first time in a long time to gift our friends and family and it felt good to make something from scratch that is the best we know how to make. 

The plant nursery is ready for 2021 and the changes feel right.

The American Persimmons in Morrow County keep giving their most delicious fruits. This little collection of goodness set our minds to wonder, as always. They were collected at the end of December and we started harvesting from this tree in late September. Yes, you read that right. We still cannot believe the generosity of this particular tree species.

Part of our light we give to the world is offering a helping hand to cats in need. This is not either of our life dream, nor is it something we love, but it is a need right in front of us and so we buck up and do the work. 

This little kitty came inside (Oreo aka Wuk):

This little kitty (JJ) went to the Wyandot County Humane Society:

This little kitty (Orangey aka Autumn) went to the Morrow County Humane Society:

And yes, friends, this is all from late 2020. This puts us at least 10 cats helped since we moved here 10 years ago. 

The wood fire keeps us and our first stray here (Alvin), toasty, warm and peaceful.

When everything aligns, I write so I can share stories of this land. The Night the Whippoorwill Sang waits for you here. 

The Darkling Beetles tucked away in this piece of firewood make us smile every time we find another gathering. We move their world of wood to the porch and nestle them in. The porch wood pile is growing and growing as it does every year. This is the never burn pile. Long ago, someone stayed in our house and burnt up this never burn pile. Hurt and anger and sadness lingered and sometimes finds us anew for different reasons, but we move on and perhaps not forget, but put the energy to use in a better way. We plant more trees. Protect more rotting wood. Offer a smile to the rattling car driving down the road. 

Happy 2021 dearest ones. We hope this year is brilliant for you!


Stevie Nicks - Edge of Seventeen (best turn this UP!)