Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Home Treadle Sewing Machine

About 10 years or so ago my Grandma Eileen, my mom's mom, passed along her mother's treadle sewing machine to me (Jennifer).  Can you imagine my excitement?  At the time, I loved the beauty of such a functional item and of course, the history...the connection to my Grandmother and Great Grandmother who both sewed on this machine.

Recently I decided that I too wanted to sew on this machine so I purchased a drive belt and had ultra handy Steve help me install it this past weekend.  After a bit of practice treadling (which I knew I would love from spinning yarn), I found the shuttle, threaded the bobbin, threaded the machine and started sewing.  The sewing is so smooth and so fun!

My Great Grandmother's and Grandmother's organization is evident by all the pieces still present!  Original needles with the New Home stamp are in wooden needle tubes.

4 bobbins and an assortment of screwdrivers, keys, etc. were in the same little drawer as the needles.  I didn't even know this drawer existed till my Gram came for a visit and opened it!

All of the instructions and attachments were in a drawer along with the warranty certificate, which dates at 1906.

You can make out the date in the middle of the doodle.  I wonder who did this?  Some member of my family  no doubt.  Maybe my Mom or one of my aunts and uncles?  It makes me smile thinking about it.

The sewing machine is on the south wall of the craft room so it gets lots of light.  Look closely and you will see Alvin enjoying the sun.  He blends in to all that whiteness!

Here's a closeup of the happy boy...

Bounder found herself a sun patch too.

Happiness all around.  Thank you Gram for giving me such an amazing piece of our history!


  1. Yay, so glad you got it working!! Gram will be excited:) And your kitties are too sweet. . .

  2. Hi S&J...Wow that is a swanky sewing machine..I have my aunts , but it isn't as swanky as this one : }
    It is just awesome that you have this piece of family history...just imagine how much sewing, and how many hands touched that wheel...and feet that worked the petal!!
    Love your Kitties!!

  3. Thats a terrific looking machine! AND Its been so lovingly cared for through the years and now its in the right hands!! I love to sew I currently make my living by Sewing!