Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Another Jelly Cupboard, Quick-Like, Part 1

Years ago, Steve made a jelly cupboard fashioned around an old window. That particular project took awhile and it's always good to be able to whip out a quick piece if one needs to, so he decided to try a new design. Here's what happened:

1) Take a look at the assortment of scrap doors.

2) Choose one.

3) Choose some boards for the carcass.

4) Make a face frame: dimensions determined by the door dimensions.

5) Screw face frame directly onto side boards.

6) Cut a back board from scrap plywood and nail that to the back of the carcass (I cut recesses into the inside back of the side boards so that the plywood back would not be visible from the sides).

7) Cut and attach base trim.

8) Cut and attach top.

9) Rough-install door and mark where it needs some edge sanding so that it fits nicely.

10) Install shelves and finish piece (that will be in part 2)!


  1. Your handiness never ceases to amaze me. Jennifer- I'm touched you still have that tea towel! I have been crocheting. I made a 5 snowflake bunting to hang on my fireplace. In other craftiness I made some cinnamon dough painted bird ornaments. I tried to paint them species specific which was a challenge. I love your snowy blog header. Its been really mild here and we've only had one mild frost. Happy Winter!

  2. how sweet it would be to have snow for Christmas!
    HOW cool to be so handy and be about to reuse things others have discarded...that always makes ME feel so smart when I can do that..SO YOU ROCK!!
    I will check in for the finale also!

  3. Love the new picture of the farm, so pretty! We just had our first snowfall, but it rained on top of it and now it's gone.

    That jelly cupboard is great! Giving me some ideas over there, you are...perhaps I'll need something like that for my office. Not nearly enough storage in there to put my fabric away in. Can't wait to see it finished. Peacefilled winter season to you both...~Vonnie

  4. So handy! I love these jelly cupboards, one day I'll be able to buy one of these from you:)


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