Monday, January 25, 2010

Recipe Organization & Cherry Nut Cookies = Jennifer's Favorite Cookie EVER

Steve made a comment this weekend about our recipe box in all its disorganized glory. We've collected quite a number of favorite recipes over the years, recipes to be tried and recipes not to be made again and they all ended up in a cute, but not too handy recipe box. Steve thought it might be handy if all the recipes were gathered in a more accessible binder. Hmm.

The project was not for the faint of heart, but the discoveries we made! Oh how easy it is to forget about the little gems of cooking goodness.

Following is the Cherry Nut Cookie recipe. Steve adapted this recipe from somewhere or another and smashed my love of all other cookies. (Well, I really love many cookies - sweet tooth!- but this is my favorite.) We completely forgot about this recipe for a year or two and voila! (Thanks organization bone.) Tart cherries are a must and I very much prefer the pecans. I made these a few years ago for a weekend workshop I attended and my cookies put the chocolate chip cookies present to shame. Not that the chocolate chip cookies weren't good, but these are something different and just oh so yummy. I don't remember how many people I sent this recipe to after the workshop, but I know it went out quite a few times so here it is for you. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Jennifer & Steve! Thanks for leaving the comment over on my blog, I found you again! I had you bookmarked wrong, so now I fixed it and am back checking in with you guys. Thanks for the great photos and detailed info on the hikes! I really enjoy your work. And, Steve, you're inspiring me to do some rustic carving, I love the stick you made for your door!) ~Vonnie, NH (akapeacemom)

  2. Ooo, looks good! I just copied down the recipe:) And I think I might have to steal your binder recipe idea. Definitely a good way to organize.


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