Thursday, March 11, 2010

More soapy goodness...

Steve's been sick and home most of the week so it's been fairly low key around here. (I'm so far holding out with a sore throat.) You all know how sick days go. We are taking advantage of any energy that surfaces and making more soap. In fact, we've planned a bit of a soapmaking blitz this weekend so we will have a good inventory to reopen our Etsy store. Here's a batch of lemon rosemary with homegrown calendula petals:

Our current stock for Etsy:


Woods (a blend of fir, pine & cedarwood)


This weekend we plan on making lemongrass, peppermint tea tree and perhaps a few others. We will see how our supplies hold out.

Some fun things to look forward to: Daylight Savings Time and the Spring Equinox - March marks its break from winter...we happily await!


  1. Man I bet the house smells good. The soaps look really good:) Hope Milkweed Steve gets to feeling better.

  2. I signed up to get notified when your etsy shope reopens. I'll be ordering some soap for sure!

  3. The soap looks great, can't wait until you reopen your shop!

    So sorry about the illness traveling around your household. Hopefully you'll be fully recovered after the weekend.

  4. Hi Jennifer and Steve! Hope you're feeling better soon! Wanted to check out the Etsy shop when it reopens, will you post a link to it? The wood soap sounds perfect for me!


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