Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What a find! Imperial moths!

Walking to the compost pile this weekend Jennifer found these amazing moths!  These moths are giant silkworm moths called Imperial Moths: Eacles imperialis.  The mouth parts are vestigial, hence these guys and gals live only a short life.  A week is about their duration, but my is it glorious! 

See why they're "giant" silkworm moths?

So incredible!  We waited for a long while to see them fly, but alas they stayed put later than we stayed awake. :)

Check here for a caterpillar picture. Happy mothing/caterpillaring!


  1. Those are some really big moths! I've always wanted to find one of those lunar moths but so far no such luck.

  2. Wow, they are huge! Definitely a great find.

  3. Hi J&S...that's a real beauty!!
    I don't seem to see the moths like I used to!!
    Love the picutre of Jennifer down on the ground with the moth lol
    He is a brute to!!
    Great photos ...good find!


  4. Hooray for magnificently huge moths!

    Wish we saw more here. I suspect the mosquitoes sucked them all dry. :o(

  5. Awesome. I had something like that about 15 years ago and I can remember it like it was yesterday.


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