Friday, November 25, 2011

Potting Shed Progress

Obviously our potting shed needed an appropriate roof and we were shooting for metal. Luckily, a neighbor was tearing down a barn and had some free metal for us!

Using a circular saw and a metal-cutting composite blade I cut the metal to length....

...and started screwing it down:

Some cross-cutting was needed for the ends to come out right...

...and it's looking pretty good:

Some final screws and... a difference a little scrap metal can make!

But what about the peak?

That's why they make pre-fab peak cap (white strip on top). We had to buy the cap and some screws but, so far, we've only spent 70 bucks on this little gem. Stay tuned for paint colors!

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  1. Sweet use of recycle materials!! Looking great! ~Vonnie


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