Monday, July 9, 2012

Picking Blueberries

We spent Sunday morning picking blueberries at Berryfield Farm, a 20 minute drive from our home.  The blueberries are perfect in flavor right now and are incredibly abundant! 

Steve worked very hard to follow the rule to eat 1 berry per 20....

 It proved a bit hard for him at times...

Jennifer enjoyed the berries, the nature and the Irish music piped through the little picking station.  Nice!

Morrow County is very scenic...

After leaving the blueberry farm, we stopped at the Kathryn Sheedy Nature Sanctuary.  We took a wrong turn traveling to the blueberry farm, which led us to this discovery.  The sanctuary is 40 acres of woods and wetlands offering about a mile and a half of hiking.  We were impressed with the maintenance of this place, managed by the Morrow County Park District, and the nature sightings!

A white-striped black moth...

One of the meadowhawk dragonflies...

Mating bird dropping moths?

The wetlands and stream are dry other than a puddle where are the minnows are currently surviving.  We think rain everyday here in Ohio!  

After arriving home, we packaged up our berries and weighed out 11 lbs for the freezer and the other half pound or so for fresh eating. 

We plan to return this week for more...berry season isn't nearly long enough so we must put more away for later. Another hike sounds great too!


  1. Today we went blueberry picking, too, at a place called Blueberry Bay Farm over here in NH. They grow "no chemical" produce. So fun! Then I had to laugh to see that you went to a nature place afterwards as well as we headed to the Great Bay Discovery Center, where the horseshoe crabs were spawinging and we got to examine a dead one up close and personal! The kids has a great time there, we'll be going back to both later this week. You did manage to pick a few more pounds of berries then we did, but little hands pick slower and have less patience then grownup ones! ~Vonnie

  2. That's supposed to be spawning, my hands were typing too fast!


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