Monday, September 3, 2012

2012 Vacation: Lake Katherine

This is part II. Here's part I.

Upon reaching an alpine lake (in this case, Lake Katherine) one must....

...take a serious moment to contemplate 1) its inherent ecological value and 2) your fortune for witnessing it:

The rays are great at 11,742 Feet:

Steve, for scale:

We had the "campground" to ourselves. Seriously, nobody else (human) showed up during our stay here!

Cotton candy clouds:

Clear water, rocky bottom:

Our alpine botany is rusty so just enjoy the colors and textures!

We could not capture on film the frenzied pack-of-coyotes and the kill they made nearby or the nighthawks and bats that came in at dusk to feed on insects over the water. So many cool nature must go visit!

The next morning was crisp in the shade of the trees so we took our breakfast stuff and scrambled across the rocky talus to find a sunny spot near the lake.

This is a SERIOUS thumbs-up:

Filtering seemed a little silly given the apparent pristine water but one never knows about microbes and such...

A few final and wistful looks back as we return to the Winsor Trail.

Next: Day 3 of hiking in the Pecos Wilderness!


  1. Wow, what a nice restful place...thanks for taking us along!

  2. Beautiful! Beautiful! Lucky to be there indeed...can't wait for the next installment on the trip! ~Vonnie

  3. Simply gorgeous! And how perfect that you two were the only ones there! :)


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