Sunday, July 13, 2014

L.G.'s New Pad aka Chicken Run

5 chickens returned home these past couple of weeks and we have one remaining here - Little Girl (L.G.). She's got quite the kingdom now and we feel it's well deserved after the brutal treatment from the other chickens. We may add another one or two at some point, but we are enjoying the freedom from the past complicated setup. L.G. laid the biggest eggs and now we are collecting a reasonable amount for us.

Here Steve's working on setting the gate:

Jennifer attaches the gate to the post:

Fencing is going up! Steve is working on making the join with the coop:

Steve, of course, salvaged this fencing and we adore its old-timey charm.

Pretty nice for L.G.!


  1. I think she is going to love it! That fencing is so cool with the rounded tops...another great reuse!

  2. Super cute fence, enjoy it, L. G.!

  3. HI J&S ... Some fancy digs going up there!! My daughter has curtains in her chicken coop, do you have plans for some ; )
    Love your gate and that the fence top is the kind of fencing I wanted for my perennial garden to keep the deer from eating things I never thought they would !! I have seen it brand new like that, but the price made me choke !! I haven't found any old yet!!

    Thought of you guys the other day when I saw some field's near by with so much milkweed in bloom!
    Hopefully it will be a better year for monarch's !


    1. Hey Grace! No curtain plans here - that's hilarious! The milkweed are phenomenal this year. Ours are now starting to put on pods. I wish they would bloom all summer - they smell so fabulous and the pollinators love them! We hope you are enjoying a great summer and we are thinking good thoughts for the monarchs too. Take care of you!!!


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