Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer 2014 Gardens

Recent rains made all our plants grow and bloom. It's lovely in August in Ohio! The scarlet runner beans and breadseed poppies are real show stoppers.

All the other vegetable garden flowers are really adding to the scene with their brilliant colors.

The 2014 garlic harvest is in the barn and curing. It smells fabulous in there!

We've also started the onion harvest. This is about a quarter of it. We again made it through a whole year of not buying any onions. Awesome!

 The corn is tasseling and we are hopeful for a great non-GMO corn harvest!

Just for fun - here's a view from our roof of the vegetable garden and the beginnings of our new wildflower beds:


  1. HI J&S... Totally country gorgeous ; )!!
    I love every bit of it ! I used to have tee-pee's with things growing up them love the lay out a the blooming beauties, makes me wish I could do all that stuff again!!

    A lot of things I do grow I get very discouraged since the deer have decided they like a lot of things,
    Orientals lilies, Marigolds, leaves on morning glories ,lovage, then there are Japanese beetles!!
    To much for this old girl with no one to help!! : )))


    1. ITS so very pretty and it makes me feel so good to see all the success you are reaping from that hard work!! Its Eden!!


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