Sunday, February 8, 2015

Remodelings worst specter:The Full Bathroom

Remodelings worst specter: the full bathroom. You have sink, toilet, shower and related plumbing, bath fan and venting through the roof, wiring for bath fan, lights and GFCI receps. Not to mention drywall and, given the large proportion of seams and corners to flat spaces, LOTS of mud and sanding. Then there's caulk, priming, painting, floor issues, shelves and cabinets. Lets just say that I'm (Steve) glad I got a wide variety of delicious micro-brews for my birthday....that helps.

Our original plan was to try and salvage some things so we started to disassemble and investigate:

But, as with most such naive hopes, this one was dashed as we pulled up the toilet to reveal some yummy rot:

We also found various issues behind the walls and decided that removing the ceiling would allow us to insulate the attic space above that entire part of the house so gut-it we did:

Gutting a room often yields other possibilities such as the expansion of openings in a corner that will allow much more natural light to flood into this room. Why not shower and get Vitamin D simultaneously!?

Having removed eveything except the tub, we insulated the attic and then started doing the wiring. We will have two GFCI receps, a switch controlling a light above the sink and a switch controlling a vent/light/nighlight combo bath fan. 

Last of the old un-grounded wiring: some will remain entombed in the attic space.

Next: wiring and venting the bath fan. Gotto go up through the roof so this will have to wait for a clear and warmer day!


  1. I need to put in a vent pipe and that means an Im going to be watching to see how you do yours! IM excited to see what you come up with!

    1. We will make sure to post the process! What fun we have in February. :)


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