Thursday, May 21, 2015

Yard Art from Junk

So back to that balance thing...sometimes we find it and sometimes we don't, but we took a break from all the tasks we put on our to do list to get creative and make these two found object pieces. There is so much cool junk laying around everywhere just waiting to turn into something beautiful! I'm sure Steve knows what these pieces of metal are from, but I don't so I will just show you. This one just begged for some glass beads strung on wire to add some color. I love it next to the path.

It's even considered cool by our 14 year old neighbor! I think that means something. :)

This one is an amalgam of three different pieces of junk we had. I just opened the links on the rusty chain to connect them all together. We may add more junk to this one over time, but it  makes an area with nothing growing, right next to the path, much more fun! Emmylou and Anna Lee approve...

Happy Memorial Day weekend!


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