Thursday, June 11, 2015

Homemade Plant Benches

All our little baby plants need to get off the ground so the roots can air prune (and not root themselves in the soil below the pots) and so people can look at them without crawling around on all fours. Steve, a solution oriented man, took charge and started building. We purchased 2x4s for the tops because we finally ran out of our stash and not many people are offering up free 2x4s (if you have some let us know please!), but we used pallet lumber for the legs and used cattle panels for the tops so these benches are about 60% recycled.

And just like that, it suddenly looks like something is happening here...two benches down and only about eight more to go. Thank goodness we are excited about what we are doing!

Just this week I started separating plants and up-potting those that need it. Here's some milkweed (common, Sullivan'ts and butterfly) that are now planted singly. Exciting!

This is a big job and one I hope to have complete over the next couple of weeks. My office is pretty great! Some tunes, a fresh breeze and birds calling makes the time fly.

We continue to work to build our business with the lightest footprint on our planet that we can so for our plants we bought plastic pots made from recycled water bottles and some made from rice hulls and plan to also take pots back and reuse them.

Sweet, perennial lupine...what a cute plant!

I am working on the website now and some fabulous friends of ours created a brand new look for The Common Milkweed that we will share soon. It's BEAUTIFUL! We aren't quite sure where and when we will sell this summer, but we will post about it as soon as we do. It's a lot of learning and building we are doing this first year and there are many unknowns, but that keeps life interesting for us.


  1. Great idea for your seedlings--Im so excited for your new endeavor and hope some of the seeds will be sold on your Etsy!

    1. Thanks so much!! I think we will sell from our new website once I get that thing up and rolling. Everything takes time, but we are chipping away and keeping it fun. :)


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