Saturday, August 8, 2015

Upstate New York - June 2015

In June we headed to upstate New York to see a friend's art show and to spend some time exploring. Rain and bugs kept us in the Finger Lakes area instead of the Adirondacks as planned, but we always keep our plans flexible to help create the best trip possible.

We still got wet now and again so time for drying our gear out in the sunshine was appreciated.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is in Ithaca, a very cool town in the Finger Lakes area , and is a place we've both always wanted to go.



Waterfalls are quite abundant in the Finger Lakes area and we marveled at their beauty and power.

European Skipper enjoying all the recent moisture:

Beautiful fields filled with bobolinks, common yellowthroats, blackbirds and butterflies interspersed with woodlands and agricultural areas offered us great sightings on the Finger Lakes Trail.

 The moisture made for all sorts of great fungus sightings too:

While exploring we often meet interesting people that inspire us and this trip proved no exception. Thank you Arthur and Cheryl for sharing your time with us! We so enjoyed crossing paths and hope your return to Canada was filled with more adventure.

We enjoyed our time exploring new places and when this is posted, we will be returning from the Rocky Mountains so anticipate more exploration photos soon.

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  1. That is an area I've always been curious about...looks like a fantastic spot to explore! Can't wait to hear about your Rocky Mt Highs!


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