Thursday, December 10, 2015

Planting in December

The weather is unseasonably warm here (think 50s and soon 60s!) so we continue to plant seeds in flats to overwinter outdoors and let Mother Nature stratify by freezing and thawing. We have oodles of seeds in the refrigerator to get to so we just plant steadily on. 

We are working on a new growing medium for us that doesn't use peat (we really, really love and value wetlands and don't want to contribute to their destruction), is sourced locally and sustainably and is quick draining. We both are pretty unimpressed with peat, vermiculite and perlite and even coir for now so after talking to some other growers we are testing a bark mulch/compost mix.

This potting medium's large particle size helps it drain fast, which we found many plants greatly benefit from when put in containers.

One of the things I love about my new job is that I can haul everything I need outdoors and sit in the sun, on the ground and plant seeds.

I love getting my hands dirty, feeling the sunshine on my face and the cool Earth under my legs, listening to birds sing around me and finding moments where my mind is no where else other than on the simple act of the task at hand. For a brain as busy as mine, those moments are precious and few and I find all of them outside...always.


  1. Wonderful post as always..and such an inspiration to get my hands dirty!!

    1. We love that inspiration! :) Steve just got us some acid for scarification of seeds so lots more planting is on the agenda!


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