Monday, January 4, 2016

Bringing in the New Year - Red River Gorge, KY

We celebrated the arrival of 2016 on the trail in the Red River Gorge of KY.....a beautiful place with hills, rocks, water and all sorts of interesting plants and animals.

We hope you all enjoyed a great celebration bringing in the New Year and feel inspired to explore new paths and ideas. We do, and you know we will share it here.

Fun bridge!

Here we are reflected in the Red River.

We hiked a section of the Sheltowee Trace Trail and were out 2 nights, three days.

Sunshine and nature...pretty good combo for us!

Looking for stalactites, which I didn't find, but oh the rocks and water...

Blackjack Oak! Quercus oak tolerant of harsher conditions than many others. It was so cool to see them on these exposed ridges.

This area is very well known for its arches as evidenced by the denuded vegetation. People love this area to death so we say - let's protect more to help minimize our impact!

Some chilly nights froze our water and made us very happy....

to see beautiful views over morning coffee...

and feel warm sunshine on our faces.

Pine Siskins adored the seeds of this birch or alder. 20+ birds fed in here while we watched.

One of our new favorite trail foods is our dehydrated tomato glut sauce from summer.

We love this, some parmesan and bread for lunch. YUM. More on this topic in a future post.

The fungus and lichens in this forest are phenomenal. There is so much to appreciate in this beautiful gorge, and in life, and the opportunity to experience it ushers gratefulness into every moment for us.

Happy 2016 friends!


  1. Hello you guys, what a wonderful way to ring in the new year. I admire you for winter backpacking only did one winter trip it was a wonderful experience! That arch is Amazing!!


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