Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring Wildflowers 2016 & Backyards Matter Conference

Spring is here in Ohio and we are loving it! The wildflowers, tree buds swelling and bursting, all the new growth on our kale and chives, germinating veggie seeds and singing toads all tell us we made it through winter (though it was quite easy this year) and we are on our way to the season of over-the-top abundance. Yes!

We visited Fort Hill Earthworks and Nature Preserve, one of our favorite places in Ohio, and greeted each of these wildflowers with such joy. 


Blue Cohosh...

Trout Lily....


 Large-flowered Bellwort...

Spicebush (soooo many trees and shrubs were flowering and all seemed to have many pollinators visiting)....

Ever observant Steve...

spotted this super cool egg sac! Anyone know who it belongs to? We checked our Tracks and Signs of Insects and didn't see a match. I posted the picture on bugguide.net as well so hopefully we will get an ID. The strap goes from one side of the sac, over the beech branch and attaches on the other side of the sac in the same way. We marveled over this home for quite some time.

We hope you all are getting out and are enjoying this beautiful weather, too. Fort Hill is a fabulous place to visit to celebrate spring and we are just certain wherever you live, there is a beautiful natural area to visit.

There is a fun gardening conference happening this weekend focusing on our favorite pastime - making our backyards matter! We are presenting and vending so if you attend, please come say hi. 


  1. Hi S&J Yes I am still alive lol. Your post makes me long for some spring blooms, they are just gorgeous. Don't know what the sack!!!


    1. So super awesome to hear from you! Yay!!! We hope this spring is fantastic for you. :)

  2. Best of luck at the show!! Lovely wildflowers the trout lily is one of my favorite! Spring is in full roar here as we had NO late frost so far and everything had the benefit not being frozen! I have lettuce already up in the garden, and put some cabbage plants out and onion and my potatoes have broken the ground!!

    1. We adore trout lily too. We have some good frosts/freezes coming so we will see what happens. Our peach is ready to flower right now. eek! Potatoes...wow! You are so many zones ahead of us....makes us envious!


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