Friday, July 29, 2016

Summer Video Tour: Wildflowers, Veggies and Nursery Plants

Hey everyone - It's just that time of year when everything is happening around here. I made a couple more videos to make these areas come to life for you. My videography still has something to be desired and I promise to get better (don't get dizzy!), but we are putting these on You Tube now, which gives much better resolution than Blogger. We hope you enjoy!

Wildflowers are blooming...

Vegetables are growing...

Jam is canned...

Glut Sauce is roasted and frozen...

and nursery plants are growing and ready to find a home in the ground at your place! Here's our current list of plants.

If you want to visit us, just message us to let us know when you want to come so we make sure we are home. See you soon!


  1. The videos are great -WOW- and so are the plants. Did you disc up the soil before planting your wild flowers or did you set them individually? I would love to have my field looking that way if dog fennel and turkey oaks didn't try to take it over.

    1. Hey lady! We didn't disc the soil. We smothered it in many areas with newspaper and straw. That's been our best method here for getting rid of sod and having our plants succeed. Some of our fields don't look nearly so showy. We are experimenting putting aggressive species directly into the sod and are having some great luck with certain species. I will have to do a video or post on that soon. We find it's a good way to go!


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