Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Saddleback Caterpillars & Monarch Tent Update

We seem to grow Saddleback caterpillars here like nowhere else. We find them everywhere and we think they are so dang cool. Do you see that cutie in the middle of the photo?

Let's take a closer look....

Those bright colors and defensive spines really make a big statement to predators and seem to work at least some of the time. While I took these photos, a wasp was on the other side of the leaf and detected this cat, but left it alone.

These caterpillars are generalist feeders and eat many types of plants so it makes sense we are always finding them here and there. Thus far this season we've found them eating Prairie Dock, Cup Plant & Aster. This website has oodles of facts on this very cool cat. 

Check out our video to see one moving and you will understand why they are in the Slug Moth group. We never find them moving so were thrilled!

Also, here's an update on our Monarch Rearing in a Backpacking Tent.

This abundance of life in high summer is Magic.


  1. I love saddlebacks. I've only seen two: one was happy and healthy; the other was covered in wasp eggs, so sad. Unless you're a wasp, I guess.

    The monarch cats and chrysalises are looking great!

  2. I have seen saddle-backs in my yard and they will probably be back! They def are the cutest of caterpillars! OH soon you will have Monarchs!!

    1. Of course they are in your yard...you've made a great habitat there!


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