Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Overwintering our Native Potted Plants

We have some native plants left from the 2016 growing season that we want to overwinter so we gave them some special attention today to help them through the upcoming cold - in a pot. Burr, those poor little roots!

Most importantly, we took the plants off the benches and pallets and put them on the ground so the ground temperature can help moderate the root temperatures.

We laid the trees on their sides due to their height....

and then we covered them with straw from a local farmer.

After everyone was all tucked in, we pulled out our sod smothering plastic to cover them. All the pots are well watered so they should make it through to spring quite moist. We definitely don't want the roots to dehydrate.

The white plastic will reflect the sun's rays so the plants won't get too warm and prematurely burst their buds and will also act as a nice blanket against the extreme low temperatures likely to visit us. Hopefully, snow will help with that too.

We used rolls of path mat and pins to hold the plastic down. Today is sunny and fairly calm, but as you can hear in my VIDEO the wind likes to blow around here and we don't want this blanket lifting up in a wintry gale.

Good luck little plants! We can't wait to see you in the spring after our legs hike many, many miles.

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