Thursday, April 27, 2017

Spring at our Farm

Our early hard work planting is paying off in big ways this year. Just look at the Red Buds (Cercis canadensis) in bloom; we planted these in 2011!

We are such big fans, we planted over 40 more already this year.

We are grateful to whomever planted our 30-40+ year old Sugar Maples and finally really noticed their beautiful flowers this year.

Ethereal is actually our favorite word to describe these dangling blooms....

The Woodland Stonecrop (Sedum ternatum) and Dryad's Saddle (also appropriately called Pheasant Back Mushroom) make a stunning combo in our fencerow.

The chickens are loving the warmer temperatures and roam about daily getting into all kinds of mischief. Here's Fern and Aster:

Under the old Lilac is their favorite place to hang out, sleep and preen during the day.

Our overwintered native plants made it through winter under their toasty little blanket.

The leaves are already greened back up and we have lots of little seeds germinating. (We hope to have plants ready sometime in June.)

The chickens ravaged the unsuspecting invertebrates that overwintered in this plant blanket. It's an interesting thing - rewilding our 3.5 acres of former lawn and raising healthy chickens for their eggs and witnessing the toll just five domesticated birds take on insects, amphibians, reptiles, etc. Our food, no matter how you grow it, get it or buy it, is very, very related to the health and biodiversity of our planet.

As you all know, our rewilding includes lots of milkweed; pictured below is Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) with TWO monarch eggs laid on 4/25 - the first monarch we saw here this year. WOW! We hope these plants grow fast.

Peas and greens are growing here as well and we are harvesting lots of asparagus, rhubarb and eggs (oh my the eggs!).

Potatoes and onions are the latest addition, which we planted on 4/26 with temperatures in the mid-80s. That's crazy for this part of Ohio at this time of year. It seems many of our old assumptions about weather are not the same anymore.

I'm always happy to soak up the sunshine though. We hope you are enjoying spring too!


  1. We have had a never ending amount of rain here in Oregon. Last year we had 80 plus degree days in April (shocking) and this year we have barely made it to 70. Sigh. I read on social media from a Toronto gardener saying weather patterns there are different too. I think us gardeners notice these things. I am enjoying your adventures as usual. Your travels were wonderful!

    1. Hey lady! We finally got some rain and cooler temps are here for a while. The plants don't know what to do! We hope you dry out soon and enjoy some much needed sunshine. Yes, those of us outdoors a lot totally notice these weather changes...especially when observing plants and wildlife behaviors. Big hugs!

  2. Our leaves aren't out yet; it's fun to look at your pictures.

    I've not seen Woodland Stonecrop before - pretty! And the Red Buds are gorgeous!

    1. The warblers are heading your way! :) Yes, this year the Red Buds seriously rocked it and so did the Stonecrop.

  3. Love Red Bud, we had 2 but they did not thrive, so they are now gone...since they are a forest tree they enjoy the that our trees are bigger we should try again with the red buds. I have lettuce ready to harvest already...I have not checked to see if the asparagus I planted is living, I just got back yesterday and I'm a little road weary, relaxing and catching up on blogging while we have some rain to help things along!

    1. I hope you do try again with the red buds! They are such a heart happy tree. :) This is the best asparagus year we've just keeps giving and giving and we are grateful for every last spear.


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