Friday, May 12, 2017

Making a Courtyard

Our creative inspirations often arise out of something else we want to do. In this case, it's the desire to build an aviary off of our chicken coop so that meant the cool, old, salvaged fence around the coop needed to go elsewhere.

We chose our front yard for this special fence so we can make a courtyard for privacy and because we love secret nooks - who doesn't?! We chose some rough cut boards for our end caps around our porch, which we scored at an auction a couple of years ago.

This old path is now shut down and there is already a great patch of Common Milkweed filling in the gap. With this path shut down, our courtyard will actually feel "courtyardy" very soon. The ability for plants to populate bare soil in one season is seriously remarkable.

Here's a view North of the fence, which will also help keep our path open to walking and not just the flopping of plants after a heavy wind or rain. (We really, really adore the wildness of these plants so it's just about making them fit in a way that works for them and us.)

Steve's super charming gate made the move from the coop too.

We love the feel of this fence here already and the chickens think it's cool as well. 😍

Under the canoe is their favorite dust bathing area; You can spy Eby if you look closely.

View of our courtyard from the South. In a months time these plants will be in bloom and huge and we are so excited!

Our inside plants are already outside and are loving the rainwater, fresh air and sunshine; they said enough with the indoors.

The indoor plants - outside, and the chickens pecking about and exploring makes this courtyard feel charming already.

Take a tour via You Tube here.


  1. I never tire of your video tours! I love everything about your place.

    1. Thanks lady! :) We are so curious what's up with you. Please email when you have time.

  2. Oh what lucky girls to be roaming that nice space and they will take care of all the insects that try to over populate as well. Lovely!!

    1. Yes, we love those girls. Sometimes I have to tell them to leave our little insect friends alone. They can eat some, but not all. :)


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