Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Moving Again!

I started packing boxes yesterday. I lasted for about one hour and then laid down to read, exhausted. This moving thing isn't our favorite activity, but what the moving means - that we are excited about. Steve accepted a position with The Nature Conservancy Ohio two days ago as their Conservation Volunteer Coordinator. It's a super great position for him requiring field and office time with a nonprofit that's doing great things in the conservation world.

We're excited for this permanent full time job, to be closer to family and living close to a city (Columbus) with so much going on. Another little house with some land is in our hearts and on our minds, but we will most likely start in an extended stay hotel or something of that nature. Don't you think the cats will love that scenario? We will be back in the midwest by mid-May and look forward to a bit of gardening - somewhere, somehow. We dream of next year at this time where we will reside in the same place and will be on schedule for our desired massive vegetable garden. I keep thinking of long hot summer nights in the kitchen putting away some tart cherries as jam or tomatoes as sauce. Yep, really exotic activities that get my mind whirring.

Our Etsy shop will reopen as soon as we get to Ohio so if you are looking for soap watch our blog mid-May for the shop opening announcement.

We will be in Carlsbad for another 2 weeks or so and will post updates on our hiking & packing adventures. Fun times!


  1. I love that you two have such a sense of adventure and are willing to follow your dreams, wherever they may take you!

  2. Ahh, you just got here. NM loses another highly capable couple.

  3. You guys are so adventurous! I can't wait to follow your move and see the new area. I'll be watching for soap!

  4. I was hoping you two would be back at the Cave this Summer. Dang it!

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  6. We are so excited for you both! And excited to have you closer:) Columbus will be a change, but it offers a lot. I see a fabulous garden in your future.

    Congrats again to Steve for the job. You rock.

  7. Welcome back to the Mid West and congrats on the job! Too bad I'll miss you in NM but I'm sure we can get together in the Fort or Ohio.

  8. Congratulations on the new job and adventure!! That's wonderful for you, the Nature Conservancy does such amazing work. Best of luck and wishes! Keep us posted!
    ~Vonnie, NH


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