Monday, April 26, 2010

More Guadalupe Mountains Fun

Higher-than-"normal" precipitation in the Guadaulpe Mountains has resulted in high spring-time streamflow in McKittrick Canyon, one of our favorite place here:

Debris in the trees indicates the high water mark:

Deep and varied green cloak the landscape:

The trail was calling!

The wet spring means flowers - and that was the main theme of the day (besides migrating warblers and butterflies)...

Purple Gromwell (Lithospermum multiflorum - Borage Family)

Bowl Flax (Linum rigidum, Flax family):

Unknown Butterweed (Senecio sp., Aster family):

Lyreleaf Greeneyes (Berlandiera lyrata, Aster Family):

Utah Serviceberry (Amelanchier utahensis, Rose Family):

Unknown plant growing out of limestone cliff:

Fendler Penstemon (Penstemon fendleri, Snapdragon Family):

Baby Aster (Chaettopappa ericoides, Aster Family):

Blue Bowls (Gilia rigidula, Phlox Family):

Iconic Ponderosa Pine (the most widespread pine in the west) with limestone peak backdrop:

Steve and Jennifer at the end of another great day in the great outdoors:

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  1. Looks great! That bowl flax is so pretty:)

    Glad you two are able to take advantage of all the wonderful hiking there before you head to Ohio!


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