Thursday, April 29, 2010

On the road...

We head out tomorrow for a nice long drive across the United States. If you missed why, you can read that post here. We accidentally packed our card reader so we can't upload any photos for a while showing you our 27' Uhaul plus car hauler. Wow - it's pretty crazy big. We requested a 17' and got bumped to this unit. Gas prices will hurt us, but the switch gave us an extra day to pack and made for much easier packing....not too much Tetrus work. All things considered, this move came together very nicely. Oklahoma is our plan for tomorrow so farewell New Mexico! As many of you know, this state enchants us (hence our moving here two times!) but we feel really good about our destination.

As Barbara Kingsolver says:

"Every one of us is called upon, perhaps many times, to start a new life. A frightening diagnosis, a marriage, a move, loss of a job...And onward full-tilt we go, pitched and wrecked and absurdly resolute, driven in spite of everything to make good on a new shore. To be hopeful, to embrace one possibility after another--that is surely the basic instinct...Crying out: High tide! Time to move out into the glorious debris. Time to take this life for what it is."

(High Tide in Tucson: Essays from Now or Never)

Till we are settled friends...


  1. Wishing you the best of luck and safe travels on your journey.

    We love you!

    (love that quote, Barbara is amazing)

  2. good luck and be safe! we will see you in the midwest and looking forward to it. REALLY looking forward to it!! acb


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