Sunday, August 24, 2008

Apple Crisp, A Fall Favorite.

So you've got apples but don't feel like making pie dough? Then make apple crisp - it's almost as good as pie but much simpler to make. First, get your apples and cut them into chunks. We leave the skins on.

For this recipe, you'll need about 4 cups of apples.

Next add 1 t. cinnamon and 2 T. water.

Mix until all apple chunks are coated evenly with cinnamon.

Grease a baking dish and pour your apple mixture into it. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

For the topping, start by making up 1/2 C. brown sugar by adding 1 T. of molasses to 1/2 C. regular sugar (or just use brown sugar).

If you are making the brown sugar, use a fork to cut the molasses into the sugar.

It will eventually look very much like brown sugar.

To the brown sugar add 1/4 C. each of whole wheat flour, yellow corn meal, flax meal and whole oats. Mix well.

Now cut 1/2 C. butter (1 regular stick or quarter) into the sugar/oats, etc. mixture.

It should end up looking like this:

Now poor the topping mixture evenly over the apples.

Use a fork and spread/pat the topping mixture over/into the apple mixture. Bake at 375 degrees F for 45 minutes to and hour.

While you are waiting for the crisp to cook, clean up your mess (you'll thank yourself for this when you are eating delicious crisp w/o having to think about dishes). !

Here's what your crisp should look like. It will not be as gooey and sugary as a more traditional recipe but do we really need sugary goo? Seriously.............

We say, "no", this crisp is de-lish!!!! Hope you have fun and enjoy :)

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