Tuesday, August 12, 2008

For the love of rocks...

Yes, I love rocks. I've been picking rocks since I was a child, collecting them, laying them in my Mom's flower beds and on her shelves and now in my own flower beds and on my shelves. When Steve and I moved to New Mexico, we discovered a world of rocks previously unknown to us - picture agates, jasper, petrified wood - all by the bucketful! We became official Rockhounds.

Colorful rocks in Los Lunas, New Mexico.

Looking for rocks and taking in the scenery.

Rockhounding takes us to some of the most amazing places.

Some rocks we collected from Los Lunas...

With all these beautiful rocks, I started thinking about what to do with them. Rocks share a sense of place and weather and time and I wanted that close to me. Through a series of events that blessed me with a drill press, some necessary tools and some needed confidence, I started drilling rocks and making necklaces.

I am just getting started, but have so many ideas in my head for more ways to put rocks close to us. I recently received my second rock tumbler of my 30 year long life, again from my parents. (Thanks Mom & Dad!) So now I am exploring the possibilities of tumbling and polishing some of our rocks that are more jagged and not river tumbled like those above. The results thus far are incredible! I can't wait to start using these...

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