Monday, September 22, 2008

Silk Purse from Sow's Ear (part 2 of 3)

In part 1 of this series I fashioned the backing board for an evolving peg wall hanger (see below). I then needed to find some material to make the pegs. So, of course, I investigated.........

....the brush pile beside our house.

I chose some fine honeysuckle branches and cut off the gnarly sections.

Next I used a handy utility knife to strip the branches of their bark (it came off easily since the branches were quite dry).

A bit of sanding with 80 grit sandpaper left me with a smooth surface and.........

........a nice mottled color pattern.

I decided on 8 pegs from which to hang Jennifer's rock creations and cut them (with my table saw) at 4 inches each. I could then round off one end of each peg using the 80 grit sandpaper.

A nice rounded end. Not perfect, just smooth.

I now had my backing board and my 8 pegs done and just needed to find a way to bring it all together. But that's a subject for part 3.................

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