Thursday, September 10, 2009

A book recommendation, a plea for life and other thoughts...

So it's been an interesting sort of day in that I've experienced a number of disconnected moments that are connected to one another via a similar theme. To keep this easy and to the point I will share these moments in singular events.

1 - Just this morning I finished reading Insects and Gardens: In Pursuit of a Garden Ecology by Eric Grissell. This book highlights the connections between insects and gardens and all that's in between. Yes, that's right - even why you should NOT cut down your perennial stalks! I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in learning (& AIDING via inaction) the more intricate workings of the insects in your garden, your yard or around your home.

2 - After I finished the above book I read about Merlin Tuttle and his extraordinary work with and for bats through Bat Conservation International. Bats are essential members of the ecosystems they inhabit, with quantifiable benefits to humans, and have unfortunately long been persecuted by ignorant humans. Now besides human persecution, habitat loss and pesticide use bats are threatened by white-nose syndrome. The good news? There is a battle waging for these amazing creatures thanks largely to Merlin Tuttle. ONE person's action=world wide results

3 - A walk along the irrigation canal in Carlsbad rounded out the morning. A few weeks ago Steve and I walked this stretch and noticed a cute little patch of milkweed with growing monarch larvae (caterpillars) feeding happily. Today I found this patch mowed and shredded. "All for what?" Is what I asked Steve.

Early in the morning: tears of joy and inspiration and the impact of one human and later in the morning: tears of sadness and loss at the unnecessary slaughter of such beautiful creatures. He then commented that perhaps these events are not so unrelated. True, true.

Moments to contemplate, piece together and to gather direction from.

One idea we all need to never forget is that EVERYTHING is connected. For every action there is a reaction whether we are aware of it or not. Never will we be able to fully grasp the connectedness amongst all, but certainly we can respect the knowledge and that it is so and subsequently live in a manner congruent with this knowledge.

Glorious Scarab Beetle, Guadalupe Mountains National Park

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  1. Excellent points. And another book to add to my ever-growing reading list.


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