Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Devil's Hall Part 2

Here's the final installment of Devil's Hall - Guadalupe Mountains National Park pictures. Such a beautiful place...don't miss if you travel this direction. Check out part 1 if you missed it before.

Variegated Fritillary Caterpillar:

Spiny lizard hiding from us...

Some sort of insect larvae...maybe katydid with eggs. Not sure if the eggs are the hatching zone or the predated zone:

Devil's Hall:

A little pool in Devil's Hall provided a place of respite and a source of nutrients for these azures:

Spectacular country, really:

Blazing stars were a blazin'...

and the butterflies were a lovin'! We watched for quite a while as 50 or 60 or more butterflies (maybe 10 -15 different species) nectared appreciatively and fluttered plant to plant. WOW. Here a monarch:

two queens:
And finally, the glorious scarab beetle wandering in Devil's Hall. I've never seen a more beautiful insect.

This weekend we head up to Santa Fe and the Pecos Wilderness. Visits with friends and a nice long hike in the Pecos Wilderness are planned...can't wait!


  1. So beautiful! I wish I could be there hiking with you two! Such a spectacular place.

  2. I came upon this video and thought of you and your love of New Mexico...

  3. Very Cool! That beetle is outstanding! I saw some great ones in Santa Fe a few months back on our trip.


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