Monday, February 8, 2010

A few antiques & handcrafted items...

We've accumulated a few useful/cool items in our house lately. Here's a glimpse...

Yet more great Carlsbad antique shop finds. Clockwise from bottom: Apple/Caterpillar Wall-Hanging string dispenser; Windmill Cracker Jar (for Steve's sister's collection); Clear glass leftover container; Red glass leftover container:

Old crock storing potatoes and apples...

Old rice bin for yarn! You have to see this thing to see how cool it is...

Glasses... I think we bought all of these for just a few dollars and they are from a time when many things were made in the U.S.!

We also bought a couple of cute items from our friend in Portland Oregon. Northwest Nature Nut blogs here and sells cute stuff on Etsy here. Check out these adorable little bird pins Michele drew on Shrinky Dink:

See those fun coasters on our table? Those are handstitched by Michele on eco-felt from recycled pop bottles. Love them!

Finally, one big cat taking advantage of the sunshine.

Hope ya'll enjoyed a fantastic weekend.


  1. Thank you, that is very nice of you. I love your thrift store finds. The glasses are very cheery and shout "spring!" I like it!

  2. Love it all. You two have such a great eye!


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