Monday, February 22, 2010

Soil, Seeds and Sun

Pull weeds, work the soil minimally....

...plant seeds...

...water periodically....

...sit back and watch....

...and get food:

Parsley and Cilantro:

Mixed Greens:

Chamomile (volunteering from last year!):

Gardeners are happy people!


  1. how exciting! i am soooo ready to start diggin in the dirt. i even posted some pics of last years garden, and went poking around it in the snow yesterday. can't wait to see more!

  2. I'm ready for the garden season too. It looks like you guys will be eating good this year:)

  3. I to am excited about my butterfly garden for 1010. I have converted seven more of my beds over to butterfly plants. The milkweed pictures on your blog are not my best by far. I did not have a single larvae on native milkweeds, native to Indiana. However, they continually eat the Red Milkweed, Asclepias curassavica and the Hairy Balls Milkweed, Asclepias physocarpa, to the soil. I had these two species mixed in with several species of milkweed native to Indiana and I did not have a single larva on the native plants. I estimated my larval count during the second week of Sept. 2009 at 250 larvae. Both of the above mentioned milkweeds are annuals in Indiana and might survive in zone 8 but zone 10 would be better. I am adding three species of native milkweed to my garden this summer and I will once again look at the species that are selected by the Monarch. My best day during a 10 minute butterfly count, all species, for 2009 was 202. This count was taken on Sept 22, which was in the middle of the peak week for Monarch migration in this area. One hundred fifty of the 202 butterflies were Monarchs. IN Butterfly Man

  4. Flip flops, short sleeve T's, and sun hats.... OH MY! How jealous am I?? I cannot even consider the seedlings... I'm happy for you, I promise. ACB


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