Thursday, May 6, 2010

Alive and Well in Grove City

2 days, 1,500 miles, 2 angry cats and 2 crazy nature nuts and here we are in Grove City, OH (pretty much a burb of Columbus). Take a look at the distances between the front of the Uhaul and the garage door as well as between the back of the car hauler and the road - we had about 6 inches to spare! And then we had to back this rig out - had to call the friendly Grove City police department to get traffic stopped to get this thing out of the driveway:

Fast-forward to things that matter: our rental house has some gardening potential...


A bit of light cultivation....

...and the planting strips along the property line are ready to plant:

The main garden had been tilled last fall and so we needed to work it up a bit...

...lay out some planting areas...

...and break up those clods:

Bobcat helps Jennifer with the brain-work; garden layout:

A few small reasons we all eat:

The first plantings of 2010!!

A bit of water and off we go...

We miss our life and friends in SE New Mexico a bit but tomorrow we go hiking here for some Central Hardwoods healing balm!


  1. You guys are great....gardening already. Do you even have the boxes unpacked yet? I feel like I am late with my veggies. It's been really cold and wet here. It has been in the 40's at night. I got some potatoes planted, but haven't even thought about warm weather stuff. The peas should start blooming anyday though!

  2. Looks great!!! I'm so glad to see you have some gardening area, it'll be very different than gardening in New Mexico:)


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