Friday, August 27, 2010

More caterpillars plus a little more...

It's caterpillaring time for us and we are having so much fun! Here's the remainder of our Battelle Darby Creek caterpillar pictures from last weekend plus a couple from today - same location. Check out this post for Part 1.

Yellow Bear - Variable Colors (Virginian Tiger Moth)

Spotted Apatelodes (moth)

Fall Webworms (moth)

Fall Webworm Adults? (let us know your thoughts)

Checkered-Fringe Prominent aka Morning Glory Prominent (moth)

Hickory Tussock (moth)

Eastern Comma (butterfly)

Banded Tussock (moth)

We use David Wagner's Caterpillars of Eastern North America all the time for identifying caterpillars and cross referencing food plants. If we don't know a caterpillar, but know the food plant we look up the food plant in Wagner's book and see what caterpillars use that plant as a host plant. It's worked very well for us thus far.

If you've noticed our sparser blog posts it's because Jennifer started her job as an environmental educator with Columbus Metro Parks at Inniswood Metro Gardens a couple of weeks ago. We're adjusting to our new schedule, but life is good. :)


  1. Wow, I can't believe how many caterpillars you saw! I must not be looking around me closely enough. . .

    The Banded Tussock is crazy!

  2. Just amazing...look for the caterpillars in life! I really liked the Spotted Apatelodes. They were so big!


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