Sunday, August 1, 2010

Slate Run MetroPark, A Step Back in Time or a Call to the Future?

Slate Run Metropark, among other cool things, is home to an excellent living history farm. We find ourselves drawn to visit here to connect to an agrarian past. At the same time we can't help but hope that some of this agrarian wisdom (from European settlers to Hopi to Amish to....) can find new rooting media in today's thirst for meaning via connectedness to food supply and nature.

So here's the place:

Path of bricks:

Cabinets of (solid) wood:

Roof of metal:

Food grown in soil (not in inverted plastic bags):

Fiber grown and processed outdoors:

Structures made to last:

Livestock raised with a bit of respect:

Human ingenuity put to good use:

Time to sit a reflect:

We are renewed, inspired, ever-hopeful. It's completely within our hands to draw from past wisdom to help us create a meaningful present. If we do that the future will take care of itself!

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