Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rounding the bend on cleaning...

This past weekend we put a lot more elbow grease and muscle work into our house and finally see the light at the end of the cleaning tunnel... good news since we have to be out of our rental by December 31st!

The kitchen is scoured and ready for paint on the floors. We may paint the walls prior to moving in, but that depends on timing. (The upstairs still needs cleaned!)

A closer look at the wood can see the stains in the wood where the built in table used to be. Steve will make us new trim boards and cabinet end with salvaged wood from that table so it didn't go to waste!

A clean sink! It's the little things you know. :)

The prior owners removed the door between the kitchen and the stairwell to the basement, but thankfully they left it at the house with the hardware and boards for hanging! The door still sports its old cool latch as well as....

a GLASS towel bar! How cool is that?

Steve plans to seal our main level wood floors this weekend while Jennifer works so here he is doing a second scrubbing. Jennifer's mom and sister helped clean these once and they required another cleaning due to the filth. It's no fun doing work twice, but sometimes its necessary.

Finally ready for sealing....



  1. HI Jennifer & Steve... wow really beginning to look like a real home!!
    Love the old door and its fixtures!
    Hope all the painting and things come together so you will be able to get in there comfortable by the end of Dec.

  2. It's looking great. I love old hardwood floors. Hey what breed or breeds of chickens are you guys thinking about?

  3. A big feat to get that kitchen cleaned, I'm sure. Can't wait to see some painted and sealed floors!


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