Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend Fun

We hope you all enjoyed a great Thanksgiving holiday! We spent this past weekend enjoying time with family and friends. Chatting and of course eating filled most of our's a picture of some of Steve's family:

Steve's sister and brother-in-law hosted the gathering so we ventured out into the COLD to check out their new garden space. Pretty cool. The sage is still hanging on!

Here's some of Jennifer's family (from this summer - we forgot to take any Thanksgiving Day photos, OOPS!) is a requirement at all family gatherings.

We also took a splendidly cold hike at Eagle Marsh with our hardiest of hardy nature friends.

Curry and chai tea warmed us up afterwards...

Upon returning home we put up our Christmas tree, which is enjoyed by all but most especially the kitty cats! Flora is on the left, Bounder is on the right.

If you look close in this photo on the left hand side, Bobcat is on the top of her cat tree while the other two are under the tree. Sweet girls!

Many thanks for continuing to read our tales! Blessings to you all. :)


  1. Looks like a fun Thanksgiving weekend. Glad you didn't freeze on your hike! (are there trails around Eagle Marsh? I want to hike there but wasn't sure)

    Sorry we couldn't spend more time with you! The summer photos are pretty hilarious. . .

    Our boys love to sleep under the Christmas tree too. They do make the best presents, don't they?

  2. Hi Jenifer and Steve...Great times and memories with friends and family are the best....looks like good folks and a good time had by all!!
    Love your picture of your kitty's!!
    It wonderful that they only lay under the tree and not try to climb it!!


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