Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How to Make Your Own Peace Post

Admiring peace posts for years, I decided to make my own interpretation of one.

Here's what you need to make one like I did:

4x4 wood post
letter stencils (or not if you are steady handed!)
soldering iron
waterproofing spray

Step 1: Choose words and stencil/draw them (with Sharpie) plus additional doodles on your post

Step 2: Use your soldering iron to burn the outline of your words and doodles

Step 3: Paint inside your burn lines (I used acrylic craft paint I had on hand)

Step 4: Dig a hole, set your peace post in the ground and admire!

My 4x4 is an old oak one found on the property, hence the crack.  It just adds charm I think. :)  We found a can of waterproofing spray and added a few coats once the post was in place. 

I think the green flower is my favorite on the entire post.

Place your post somewhere special to send well wishes to all who pass by!


  1. I heard of Peace Poles through church and I know there are places to buy them. I never heard of a personal one before. I like the idea. It is now in my plan book. Yours is very nice.

  2. Jennifer,

    That is lovely!! I'm going to make one of those for our new house, thank you for the inspiration. I loved all the pics on the last post of your harvest, your garden is utterly amazing for a first year, what a yield! I just pulled in the last of our tomatoes, trying to keep ahead of Irene that's scheduled to hit us tomrrow with gusts up to 70mph. Yikes! Be well...~Vonnie

  3. I'd never heard of a peace pole, yours is lovely addition to your home.

  4. I *love* this! I am totally inspired to make one too. I recently saw one of these in a garden while walking the dog:
    I think the two might be incorporated. Neat!

  5. Steve and Jennifer,

    That is so cool, I love the idea : ) I'm glad I came back into the world wide web and got back into blogging haha. My blog has still had a bunch of hits and I was curious why, its because of our guys' blog!! So thanks for the referrals : ) I look forward to keeping in touch and seeing all the great things that you two are into!


  6. Thanks for your ideas . I have some ideas saved . I do like the idea of 3 different sizes together by my mailbox near the road. I have alot ideas but procrastination has kept me from getting it done. I'm never happy how my 'ideas' turn out but this winter I will do it. ps I did not know about the solder iron step. Thank you!

    1. OOOO! Your idea sounds wonderful. 3 by the road...COOL!!! :)


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