Sunday, August 14, 2011

Porch Again Sees Light of Day

Our little house, we always felt, would look a lot nicer after we removed the closed-in part of the front porch.

We finally found a neighbor/carpenter who was willing to take on the job (allowing us to keep moving on myriad other jobs) so this project went darn quick:





We like it much better now!


  1. So much for the airlock for the cats. :o(

    But it looks fantastic! You'll spend a lot of time there. Happy porch sittin'!

  2. Hi J&S ... Oh I love the look .
    Makes it look cozy and if you just had time to sit there... ; }}

  3. Wow! You were right to remove it. It really makes the front so inviting!

  4. Very sweet! Love the new, it just needs a couple salvaged rockers so you can have the iced tea after a long day in the garden. Lovely! ~Vonnie


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