Thursday, September 15, 2011

Basement is improving!

We are within a month of the one year mark for owning our house.  It's amazing to contemplate the work we've done here thus far!  Most recently Steve's been working in the basement and the hallway to the basement.  We don't have many pics of this space but trust us - it was nasty!  Here's our only image capturing some of this hallway space and all the trash in the basement.

Steve busted out some of the salvaged paint from this place and made us a nice clean, tidy hallway!

There is no bathroom vent, but for this cute little window...

Looking back into the kitchen:

Did you notice the coat hanger?  Steve found an old dresser mirror in our green barn.  The mirror was ruined so he cut the bottom of the mirror off and Jennifer glued on the tiles (purchased for a few dollars while living in Carlsbad, NM) and painted a green accent.  Steve found some old salvaged hooks in the garage, screwed them on and voila...a super fun coat hanger!

After the hallway, Steve moved into the basement to deal with our root cellar wall.  Due to gutter leaking we get some moisture in the basement, which rotted away the bottom of the wall closing in the cellar.  Before:

In the process:


Nature posters always make everything more fun...

The freezer above is jam packed with our summer garden harvest.  We've now switched to canning...

Potatoes, winter squash, tomatoes and relish populate the root cellar so far!


  1. Once again, you guys are amazing! Love the fungus header! I've been freezing marinara sauce myself. It's a good time of year.

  2. Your place is coming along amazing! Love the root cellar - so fancy! May have temperatures close to freezing here today. Must get some basil inside since it always goes first. Have a nice weekend.

  3. Hu J&S...every thing looks wonderful and fully stocked for the long winter :{ ahead..
    I know about the leak problems all to well...eeeks glad you resolved that!!

    "Love your header"


  4. Pretty header, and congrats on making yet another room livable!

  5. OOOHH...i just read your comment on my blog about the chimney for swifts! At one point I read some info on that and thought that would be so cool! I don't know that Vaux's Swifts would use one...but I bet the ones you have (Chimney?) will. I can't wait to see it!!

  6. looking great!! I can't believe what you have accomplished in such a short time. Utterly amazing! I've canned a bunch of stuff this year, too. Feels good to be achieving my goal of self sufficient as possible one step at a time. And thanks for the tip on Big Lots having Bob's Red Mill, I got a bunch of stuff myself!

  7. Looks so so good, what an improvement:)

    Nice coat hooks too!


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