Sunday, September 11, 2011

A quick kitchen cover up

Before we moved in, Steve ripped out a filthy cabinet in the kitchen and exposed our bathroom plumbing.  (See the old kitchen here.)  We found this quite handy as we worked on the plumbing, but quickly tired of the ugly hole in the wall.  We posed many different fix-it ideas, but settled on some handy faux tin backsplash found at a nearby big box store.  We just recently got to this project and you can see the hole is already covered in the lower left of this photo:

Some adhesive and box cutters make for a super quick project.  In a house filled with projects, quick ones make us giddy with excitement....

Not too shabby for 30 minutes of time!  The plastic looks quite real; it's pretty incredible.  This really makes us want to put a real tin ceiling in our dining room.  (Let us know if you hear of one getting ripped out somewhere close to central Ohio!)

After searching for many months for a dough table for this spot, Steve's father found us one at a garage sale.  He refinished the whole unit and presented us with the finished product this weekend - after their 50th wedding anniversary party!

It's perfect!

A quick stop at Big Lots, one of our favorite places for looking for marked down health & ethnic foods, presented us with all these grains and where better to inventory our haul than our new dough table in front of our now complete wall?

Now to just get the radio hooked up after fixing the outlet!


  1. Hi Jennifer & Steve, The new wall looks great! I have been eyeballing that for our new house, too, so it's great to see it "in action". I love Big Lots. You just never know what you'll find there and a lot of it is great bargains. And the dough table your father (in-law) refinished for you is gorgeous, he did an outstanding job on it...I see handy runs in the genes! (handy spouses are wonderful!). Looking good over there in Ohio...getting ready for autumn? ~Vonnie, NH

  2. Love it! Ryan and I love the tin look too:)

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