Sunday, November 13, 2011

Potting Shed After All

Previously we'd been calling our little shed a chicken coop:

Now that we've had time to think about it and determine our most pressing space needs, we've decided to make it a potting shed and a place to store most of our gardening tools:

Next: metal roofing installation:


  1. Hi Jennifer and Steve,

    That's great use of shed. We do so LOVE our chickens, though, and the eggs are wonderful homegrown. Nothing like them! So, if you wanted to make a coop somewhere else, well, you'd probably enjoy that, too. Come check out the progress on the barn over on mine if you're so inclined...Peace to you both! ~Vonnie

  2. Love your coop that could! Well done!

    My neighbor raises the chickens and turkeys and sheep, so I support her and then grow the veg and fruit for us. We are in my family homestead (1864 + additions) on the end of a moraine in E. Central IL, sort of neighbors to your central Ohio.

    My blog is over at if you'd care to look. Not selling anything, just dabbling in many things and traveling.

    I really enjoyed browsing through your blog this evening. Great pictures!

    Cheers! Sue


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