Thursday, February 23, 2012

Maple Sugaring: Part II

After tapping the maple trees, the real work begins.  We are collecting sap this week with plans to cook down this weekend.

 We run the collected sap through a filter to collect any debris or insects that were attracted to the sweetness. 

Here's a look at the sap:

It looks like water and it mostly is at this stage though we've noticed the liquid is a bit sticky.

We started with these little food grade buckets because we had them left over from other projects, but we purchased two 5 gallon BPA-free water jugs to offer us our more storage capacity.  After we collect today we will have about 15 gallons to boil down!  More soon.


  1. HI S&J...makes me want to do it has been years...I'm excited to see how much syrup you will end up with ..I used to know the ratio...getting old is my excuse lol!!

  2. So exciting!!! Tell me, have you tasted it pre-boiled? How is it? And how much do you expect to have after it is boiled? Very cool.

  3. So fascinating!!

    Love your new banner:)


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